Across the world…

Plastic Bags
Plastic Bottles
Coffee cups

are used every second. Causing a global plastic pollution crisis.


The Plasticology Project is a mission to make a change. To bring people together, to educate and to drive a transition away from the global dependence on plastic.

The Plasticology Project is more than a book. It is a community of change makers working together to create a cleaner, more liveable future for the planet.

Three pillars of the Plasticology Project



The Plasticology Project is all about sharing our collective knowledge of plastic pollution. But the knowledge doesn’t end on the last page. We all have a story to tell and knowledge to share. As a global community of like-minded individuals – a family – we can learn so much from each other. Together we can make a change



Talking about plastic pollution, sharing the message of need for a cleaner future and educating others is how we can change the world.



Only through actions can we truly make a difference.

Take Action

Join the Plasticology Project through social media. Share your journey with the hashtag #plasticologyproject


Changing how we use plastic doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple as making one change.

Living a Plasticology Life

Want to do more? Consider becoming a Plasticiology Project Ambassador. Join the community of other like-minded people who share a desire for a better future.

Become an Ambassador

“Our legacy to future civilisations will not be great temples and intricate artefacts, it will not be great works of philosophy or even remarkable artworks.

The legacy of this civilisation for future civilisations will be plastic pollution.”