Dr Paul Harvey is an award winning environmental scientist, science communicator, speaker and author of The Plasticology Project.

With clients including Transurban, Allens Linklaters and Orica, Paul is recognised globally for his expertise.

In addition to being a prominent scientist, Paul is a familiar face in the media. He has regularly contributed to the discussion on environmental matters as a commentator for Al Jazeera English News, Channel 7 Sunrise, ABC Radio, and many more.

Paul has spoken to audiences all over the world, and is known for being engaging, entertaining and thought provoking.

Paul has featured in the New Scientist, COSMOS Magazine and others.

My speaking topics



The global ‘platastrophe’ and what we can do to change the trajectory of this environmental burden.


Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability is more than just local growers’ markets and hemp clothes. Globally we are faced with the question of HOW we exist in a world with an increasing population and finite resources.


Future thinking creates a better world

Tackling the big environmental challenges of world requires future thinking, and strategies to develop a better world. Some of these are already in motion, and some we are yet to discover. But we have to start with ideas.

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