The Plasticology Project Podcast

In this podcast series Dr Paul Harvey, environmental scientist, activist and author of The Plasticology Project takes listeners on a journey to discover the greatest plastic pollution challenges facing our world, and the incredible plastic pollution warriors doing their bit to solve the problem. In each episode Dr Paul will speak with an inspiring change maker from around the world and explore how they are helping to beat plastic pollution.

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On this episode of The Plasticology Project Podcast we hear from Grahame Lloyd. Grahame is the Remote Marine Debris Campaigner for Sea Shepherd Australia. Grahame’s work is focussed on clean-up and waste reduction across northern Australia. Working with remote communities and Australia First Nations people, Grahame and his team of dedicated volunteers have successfully cleaned hundreds of tonnes of waste from remote coastlines, freeing the beaches for the return of marine life. Grahame takes us through a day in what he describes as his “dream job”, while sharing insights into the challenges faced when working in remote locations.

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