The Plasticology Project

There IS something we can do – but we must do more NOW.

From the deepest oceans to the highest mountains, from outer space to inside our bodies, plastic pollution is everywhere. Plastic has transformed almost every aspect of our lives, but at a huge cost to the planet and our future.

In The Plasticology Project, environmental scientist Dr Paul Harvey reveals the disturbing extent of the plastic pollution problem the world is facing. Weaving together the latest science, international research, and first-hand experiences, The Plasticology Project is a broad, comprehensive analysis of global plastic pollution – how it spreads, the damage it causes, and the risk it poses to our health and wellbeing.

Offering readers hope as well as warning, The Plasticology Project highlights the amazing work that is already being done to combat plastic pollution, and explores a wide range of practical steps we can take to be part of the solution at individual, community, and global levels.

Informative and inspirational, this book is an urgent call to action for us all – it’s time to make a difference, become ambassadors for The Plasticology Project, and help reverse this plastic crisis.


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Amazing read

I purchased this book with a basic understanding of the impact of plastic on the environment. The book has opened my eyes to learn so much more about the damaging role that plastic plays not just to the environment but to humans health. I would highly recommend it – great book!


Angela McBurney

The problems of plastic

Great contemporary book looking at the emerging environmental disaster that is plastic pollution. Explores the problems macro and micro plastics are causing, with some thoughts on how to tackle the problem. Well worth the read. Easy to read for the non expert and a page turner.



Fabulous book! A wake up call to the world.

A detailed & informative book on the devastation plastic pollution is causing around the world. Certainly a wake up call before it’s too late.


Sue Jones